Sciatica is a term used to diagnose leg pain. Sciatic pain occurs when there is pressure on the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve originates from the lumbar spine area of the back i.e. the lower back, and continues through the buttock down the posterior aspect of the thigh, into the leg and all the way to the base of the foot. There are certain branches off the sciatic nerve which travel to other areas of the leg and feet. There are more severe cases of sciatica and some of the signs and symptoms are listed below.

Signs and Symptoms

Mild to Moderate Signs and Symptoms

  • Pain located at the base of the spine and radiating into the buttock.

  • Pain into the buttock and radiating down the thigh to the back of the knee.

  • Pain into the lower aspect of the leg and into the feet

 Severe Signs and Symptoms

  • Constant pain traveling from the lower back to the foot on one leg

  • Constant pain radiating into the feet

  • Constant tingling pins and needles and numbness

  • Wasting of muscles in the thigh and lower leg