Sports Injuries

There are a large range of sports injuries that we see in our clinics regularly. They vary from basic muscle sprains and strains to more repetitive joint complaints and nerve complaints. The key is that the root of the complaint is recognised, diagnosed and then treated.

Chiropractors are now an integrated part of all major sports teams and is used not only as a way to treat and heal sports complaints but also to increase athletic performance and ability. By having your body functioning at it’s optimum, i.e. having your spine and nervous system interacting with the muscles of the rest of the body correctly allows for your performance and athletic ability to improve.


Removing misalignments in the joints of the spine and extremities allows for, less injuries, quicker recovery times from injuries and an overall better functioning body.

Signs and Symptoms

Sports Injuries can cause:

  • Pain when performing exercises

  • Pain when performing the same exercise

  • Reduction of range of movement

  • Less flexibility

  • Decreased times, distances and performance in sport

  • Sluggish feeling when exercising

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